Streamline Expense Management with Tellennium

Telecom Expense Management, or TEM, helps businesses get technology and communications expenses under control. Twenty years in, we’ve saved our customers millions. And we are Seriously Different than the rest.

Anyone who’s been through mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions, knows the environment of controlled chaos. There’s so much to get accomplished in such a short period of time. Having the knowledge, information, and proven processes are the keys to success.

Managing mobile services truly means managing moving targets. But managing mobile services and targets are much easier with the right partner. From Cost allocations, HR integration, and payments, to full support and fulfillment. The options are yours to choose for the best fit of your enterprise.

Managing utility expenses is complex. Manual invoice management and lack of proactive expense management leads to higher costs and inefficiencies. But with the right utility expense management solution in place, you’ll increase visibility and control while realizing cost savings and improved efficiency.

New to Telecom Expense Management (TEM)?

Simplify complex telecom expenses, save time and money, and automate workflows. Consider a Telecom Expense Management Partner that guarantees results. 

Looking for a better TEM experience?

Access to experienced IT and AP teams with an unparalleled platform including inventory and services detail and guaranteed results.

Expense Management

The most detailed SaaS Platform in the Business. MoT®

Our secret sauce is our people – and they’ve got a powerful platform backing them up. Tellennium’s Integrated Management System (MoT®). You expect a SaaS based platform. What you might not expect is a single platform that works across your enterprise, and adapts to your needs.

Accurate, detailed, visible inventory

Looking for accurate, accessible and detailed inventory. Every line, circuit, and piece of equipment is tested and verified, and available on the best SaaS platform in the business; updated each month.

TEMS Screenshot
Dedicated IT Team

Dedicated IT and Invoice Teams

Customers stay with us for a reason. Bringing an experienced, accessible account dedicated team for IT and invoicing support matters. US based support teams you can call, email, or chat with when you need help.

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