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4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing A Technology Expense Management Solution

Remote work, powered by cloud services and mobility, is here to stay and enterprise IT must take steps to protect the organization’s finances. Every dollar spent on technology must serve a purpose, and every asset and service must meet a need. When partnering with a Technology Expense Management (TEM) to obtain those outcomes, it requires due diligence digging beyond the surface. Missteps can result in significant losses of time and money.

This Amalgam Insights Analyst Insight explores 4 major pitfalls to avoid when looking for a TEM vendor:

Signing with a TEM that fails to follow through on promises and capabilities will cause long-lasting, hard-to-reverse pain, often in the form of these pitfalls.

As the effects of COVID-19 have illustrated, and as ongoing economic circumstances underscore, IT managers, directors, and executives have zero room for error.

Take your technology management to a new level

Expense Management Transformation

Transform your visibility and control of wireline, mobile, and network assets and services to manage flexible work environments.

No-risk assessment and trial

We offer a risk free assessment of your current network with guaranteed savings we secure for you.

Verified inventory and billing compliance

Tellennium’s MoT™ SaaS platform gives you visibility and control of your communications network.

Twenty years in, we’ve saved our customers millions. Which explains our 98% retention rate.

They have made this very complex install go smoothly which adds to our bottom line and to our reputation. Chief Information Officer, Physicians Group Practice

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Case Study: Enterprise WAN Transition

SD-WAN Large Healthcare Provider FI

Most large enterprises seldom change out their entire Wide Area Network (WAN). This is simply due to having multi-year contracts and the resource requirement for such a large lengthy undertaking. WAN technologies have often lasted for many years with little to gain in a change when there’s a reliable and affordable provider. Over the past few years SD-WAN has gained tremendous traction due to lower costs and greater flexibility. Back-up networks are now more reliant on mobile wireless technologies due to the reliability of wireless, low non-usage cost, and bandwidth offered by LTE 4G. This trend will continue to grow as 5G continues to roll out.

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About Tellennium

Tellennium is a top-rated provider of telecom expense management (TEM) solutions with unparalleled SaaS and customer support.  Our team of experts assist for mid-large enterprises with expense management, business continuity, risk management, disaster prevention, and mobility applications. We’ve never lost a customer due to support.

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