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We’ve Saved Millions of Dollars and Thousands of Hours…

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We understand that the burden of manually processing hundreds of lengthy telecom invoices has become virtually impossible for many businesses to manage. The complexity of each invoice continues to challenge all internal departments, as they spend countless hours attempting to validate or decode the hundreds of invoices, services, rate plans and vendor specific acronyms. Our Integrated Telecom Management solution is designed to reduce the amount of time involved in processing invoices, while simultaneously centralizing and improving the overall manageability of all telecom expenses and processes.

With Tellennium’s Integrated Management System (TIMS)™, our proprietary SaaS based web solution, we have automated the tracking and auditing of your telecom-related expenses. With TIMS, your team will have available to them, a consolidated real-time and historical view of your telecom information – inclusive of a complete inventory of services, circuits, vendors, contracts, contacts, expense allocations, payment history/reconciliation – with audit and optimization options available for all services. You will always have total visibility into our complete AP Management Process but we will handle all of AP telecom complexities including receipt of all invoices, scanning/imaging, coding, payment, dispute resolution and account reconciliation – we even offer API integration options to your current financial support systems. We will manage all aspects of the telecom AP process – thus saving your business millions of dollars and thousands of hours….

With Tellennium you receive it all…

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  • Centralized Management – Total, centralized control of all telecom-related expenses.
  • Asset Management – Tracking and ongoing management of all telecom-related physical assets.
  • MACS Management – Processing and verification of all charges associated with moves, adds, changes, and service-related items
  • Invoice Imaging – Efficient storage and easy access of all invoices; fully integrated with all management reports.
  • Cost Allocation – We can allocate all charges based on your GL/Cost Center information.
  • Invoice Payment & Distribution – we can handle the payment and distribution of monies for all invoices, thus providing a turn-key solution for your AP organizational process.
  • Identification & Resolution Balance Discrepancies – we will track all AP payments to ensure proper allocation and reconcile any discrepancies.
  • Lifetime Information Storage – Lifetime archiving of data – no time parameters.
  • Comprehensive Verification of All Telecom Charges – Companies rarely have the means and processes in place to verify all of their telecom-related charges.
  • Continuous Evaluation of All Technologies, Processes, Usage, and Design – The single tool you need to manage everything telecom-related within your company.
  • Accountability – Itemized management reporting that consolidates, sorts and drills down to specific departments, work groups, and even individual cell phone usage.
  • Mobile Optimization & Management – we offer a full mobile management solution inclusive of procurement, kitting, audit/optimization services, expense management and consultative recommendations for both company provided and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) management.
  • Monthly, YTD and Historical Documentation – Timely, comprehensive information easily accessible by your entire management team from a secure and private Web portal.
  • Hierarchy of Access – Control access to different levels and subsets of your data, based upon personalized login credentials for each user.
  • API Integration Capability With Existing Operation & Business Support Systems – Accurate data transfer to your existing, in-house management systems including your financial software and using your existing accounting codes.
  • Savings in Time & Effort – Frees your Accounting, Accounts Payable and IT/telecom personnel to perform higher value-added tasks.
  • Savings in Recurring Telecom Expenses – An average of 28% in savings/credits across our clients’ entire telecom spends.

If you don’t believe us – please read the reviews from our satisfied clients!