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When specific, objective expertise matters.

Expertise at its best.

Do you have an infrastructure initiative or another major project on the horizon? When you need to focus on strategic projects and objectives, and still keep you and your people on task for operations, our consultant teams may be a great solution.

And the savings are significant.

They’ve cut our costs and they’re subject matter experts. Other vendors I’ve dealt with before will come in and save some money off my bills. Tellennium is different. They’re processing your bills, constantly parsing for anomalies, keeping the vendors honest, and constantly looking for savings opportunities.

–CIO, Healthcare, physician group practice

As the need to manage complex enterprise expenses has expanded, our expertise and approach has grown to include what we call the Management of Things® (MoT®). Our professional consulting and trusted advisor services include advising clients in the design, configuration, and deployment of systems and services to more effectively manage and monitor their communication’s networks, the services that traverse these networks, and their related expenses. Our MoT® consulting services help enterprises more effectively track, audit, and report on their associated services and expenses.

Some examples of projects:​

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