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Adopting Digital Transformation

Adopting Digital Transformation can be the best thing that can happen to a business. But it’s not always easy. As with any major technological shift, there are hurdles to overcome. But the benefits far outweigh the efforts and costs involved. Go in with your eyes open, and pay close attention to these issues that will inevitably arise.

Organizational Change

Humans are resistant to change by nature. When something works, it’s hard to see the reasoning behind trying something new. However, overcoming short-term resistance opens up tremendous new possibilities. Stay focused on the future to overcome the difficulties of changing the present. 


The power of a unified digital workforce lies in the fact that everyone has immediate access to the things they need. However, that access can also open up vulnerabilities and weak points that can be exploited to the company’s detriment. Fortunately, for every new technological capability that arises, there are ways to keep it safe. Invest in protection, train employees to use it properly, and everyone can sleep better at night. 

Legacy Systems

Perhaps one of the most painful points to overcome with Digital Transformation is the fact that many existing systems simply aren’t compatible with the newest ways of working. Trying to force-fit compatibility will often defeat the entire purpose of digital adoption, resulting in efficiency and productivity that are far below expected results. Again, staying focused on future benefits can help alleviate the short-term costs involved with replacing current ways of working. The costs may be higher

Unclear ROI

New processes and technology may offer obvious benefits, but they may be difficult to quantify right away. It may also be difficult for different departments to appreciate the benefits found elsewhere in the company. Staying focused on overall productivity will help provide some reason and clarity on a larger scale, even if localized benefits aren’t always obvious to every employee.

Digital Literacy

Unless you’re a startup founded by recent college graduates, your business is going to be populated by individuals with vastly different levels of understanding of how digital technology works. Remember to factor training into your integration costs, because not everyone is going to intuitively understand the new way of doing things.

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