Facilities Management – Case Study

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Facilities Management – Case Study

Optimizing and streamlining global communications in the facilities management industry

A  global leader in the  facilities management industry, has established divisions in multiple countries and employs over 12,000 people. The firm serves retail, residential and commercial markets.

The Situation

The company entered the US market to provide facilities management and refrigeration management for a major grocer with stores throughout the southeast U.S. Their Director of Technology had to scale from a zero baseline to a fully operational organization in 120 days – with no network of contacts on which to draw. 

Critical challenges:

“I did not have the infrastructure in place, and had not personally used the platform our company utilizes in another market.”
Said their Director of Technology. “I needed to focus on securing
a building, developing operating infrastructure, hiring, and hitting a very short deployment timeline, so I needed a partner to deploy and manage the communications technology.”

The Solution

He reached out to Tellennium through a recommendation from a firm assisting him with the implementation of their contact center. Tellennium assembled a team to implement and kit their mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) to their hundreds of new employees.

Faciliries Management Grocery Isle

Tellennium gets it all done. They put in long hours, get all the registrations in place, and handle the billing.

– Director of Technology

The Services:

They met to assess the scope and timeline and immediately began work on evaluating devices, carriers, and rate plans. Since Tellennium is objective and manages thousands of mobile devices already for other clientele, they had the contacts and experience to quickly negotiate and bring together an appropriate cost effective solution for the mobile enterprise. 

Once selections were in place, Tellennium teams deployed to client locations for on-site support and mobile device preparation for the tablets and phones. They registered and tested each device, loaded apps, and led new employee training on device use. Security was a concern; using their MDM solution, Tellennium controlled the activities of the devices consistently through the means of corporate policy enforcement, securing corporate documents, and monitoring and executing application management. Technicians are not allowed open access to the Internet, have limited apps available for use, and cannot openly use downloaded apps of choice. This protects the integrity of the system and secures corporate security parameters. 

Tellennium also provided hot line support as the implementation rolled forward. 

The client needs ongoing management as well. Tellennium’s Management of Things Platform (MoT®) provides a SaaS based solution to manage ongoing communications technology management. This allows the technology director and his team access from anywhere to view enterprise-level charges, full mobile device inventory and information, historical data, and more. 

Tellennium now handles the billing, audit, support, and device management for the company.

The Results

Services launched on time, with devices and networks fully operational. The company is expanding into the Northeast markets on a new MDM platform, and partnering with Tellennium again for this expansion.



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