Healthcare Providers… Most Ignore Telecom Expenses and Pay too Much

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Telecommunications expenses and network services rarely receive adequate oversight from healthcare providers. Savings quickly adds up through bill validation, inventory reconciliation and contract negotiation and better sourcing

Healthcare providers must focus on other priorities. Smartphones, tablets and machine-to-machine mobile communications offer more applications for healthcare providers. However, opportunities to improve productivity and healthcare leveraging the benefits of mobility come at a high price.

Healthcare service providers face increased financial pressure due to changes in health coverage and reductions in reimbursement rates from insurance providers. Administrative personnel focus on managing patient insurance issues. As government healthcare plans bundle their reimbursement payments, providers have pursued mergers and acquisitions to achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale. A proactive approach to manage telecom communications expenses will pay for itself by eliminating unnecessary spending.

Inventory Reconciliation 10%-15% Savings

Healthcare service providers simply don’t have the resources maintain an accurate inventory of telecom services and validate bills from telecom carriers. Reconciliation of site locations to bills will frequently identify opportunities to save money from closed locations. Most organizations fail to verify that disconnected items from closed sites or discontinued services are removed from bills. In addition, healthcare service providers are frequently paying for duplicate services and other items that they no longer need.

Savings for these items can amount to 10%-15% of the bill. They are significant because each month you are paying for extra services that can be removed with no impact to your services. If you have good records of cancellation requests, we can secure refunds for these items.

Billing Overcharges 5%-15% Savings

Reconciliation of contracts to bills will also identify overcharges. Organizations with multiple locations often pay different prices for the same services from a carrier. This occurs because they fail to reference contracts or other special pricing arrangements. Billing errors are common if you have special pricing.

Contract Negotiation and Sourcing 25%-40% Savings

If you don’t have special discounts, contracts have not been benchmarked, or you have not had someone review the pricing there will probably be opportunities to negotiate better deals. For most clients, Tellennium is able to negotiate savings of 25% to 40%. Our experience in negotiating contracts allows us to find hidden savings opportunities on telecommunications expenses. Learn how Tellennium’s program will pay for itself. through bill validation, inventory reconcilaition and contract negotiation and better sourcing.


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