Why now is the right time for generating cash from your mobility and telecom services.

As we enter a “new normal”, we use @Guy Kawasaki’s brilliant question: “Therefore, what?” We had a huge shift from the pandemic, therefore what does the new IT business world look like? And how do we get the budgets back on track? AOTMP’s Tim Colwell and Tellennium’s Shawn Veitz explore ways to re-enter the business climate in phases, and take a look at the core practices of mobility management and technology expense management (TEM) programs to:

  • Test your environment for maximizing value to your organization
  • See how leaders will focus on converting inventory to cash – and what that means for IT
  • Navigate inventory management in a new landscape that pivots quickly to remote and back<
  • Generate cash and ROI
  • Expand labor resources without committing to fixed overhead

Participants will also receive an AOTMP Impact Paper “Technology radically changing outcomes”.


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