Accurate, detailed, tested inventory

  • Each line, circuit, and service tested and verified
  • Low use, high critical lines identified
  • Ongoing monthly updates – a difference from typical services
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Direct access to our experts

  • Seasoned teams assigned to your account – familiar with your requirements
  • IT and invoicing support professionals
  • USA based support, not a call center

The most detailed platform in the business. – MoT®

  • Details, Details, Details. Drill down to where the savings hide
  • Identify actual phone numbers and equipment location, not just billing location
  • See MoT® Platform Comparison here

No carrier commissions. No conflict of interest

  • You can expect us to have your best interest in mind – not a commission
  • Tellennium is not tied to a single communications provider
  • Client bonus rebates for carrier contracts negotiated by Tellennium on your behalf
  • Bonus program applies for duration of Tellennium’s partnership with client
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Guarantees. In writing

You get our full commitment in writing. Real. Contractual. Guaranteed. Find Out More
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