Inventory and Invoice Graphic

Improve Visibility of your Telecom Enterprise by over 50% and Gain 100% Control

It’s often been said that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” In supporting telecommunications services it’s on a deeper level, “you can’t manage what you don’t see.” On average, telecom invoices leave out over 51% of the detail. Complete real-time visibility with detail is one of the foundational keys to controlling and properly managing telecom services and expense. And in medium to large enterprises, it’s even more complicated.

Inventory and Invoice Graphic

  • How readily accessible are the invoices and their associated information?
  • Where is the detail for the individual charges and services? How does your organization access it?
  • If something as simple as an analog line is reported out of service, how long is it to just locate who the carrier is to report issue? Is it measured in seconds, minutes, hours, or days?
  • Is every charge being reviewed and analyzed or just rubber stamped?
  • How are continual changes tracked, recorded, and analyzed; items such as organizational changes, usage, coding, plans, devices, users, circuits, services, technology, rates, etc.?
  • Are invoices really the best medium for managing the vast amounts of data they represent when they clearly do not provide all of the information necessary?

John Wooden once said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

The additional detailed records associated with the invoice charges have to acquired, mapped, and continually updated to maintain a real-time accurate inventory. With typically thousands of telecom specific items to manage, invoices and spreadsheets cannot effectively and efficiently get it done – especially on a real-time continual basis with centralized access to those who need it.

It takes a specific proven process, dynamic system, and dedicated resources. A logical recurring process and centralized real-time database supporting all the detail and tangible activities for all communications related circuits, services, and devices. That is what Tellennium’s Integrated Telecom Management provides. It’s also guaranteed to pay for itself and easy to implement.

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