Inventory Management

TEM Inventory Management

We hear this a lot,
but not from our customers.

You're about to get real.
Real-time detailed Inventory. Accurate, updated, visible.

Tellennium provides a seriously different inventory experience. Accurate, thorough, and accessible, our inventory platform Management of Things®(MoT®) continually updates your inventory on a regular basis.

Not every provider updates inventory. Check for “once and done”. With an ongoing inventory feature, MACDs are accounted for. This means you have an accurate, and current, accounting inventory which is available to you anytime, 24/7.

Compare a typical TEM inventory to the MoT® Platform:

Typical Telecom Expense Management

MoT® Platform

My TEM provider said we’d have an accurate inventory – but I can’t see it. Everything’s rolled up, I can’t access any detail, and when I try to call, I get a call center.

We hear this a lot. But not from our customers. Here’s why:

TEMS Screenshot

Inventory Audit

Interested in knowing your current inventory to see if you have erroneous and fraudulent charges? Consider our Financial and Inventory Assessment.

We make it easy for you

Just provide us your invoices and we’ll dig in. Our expert team will identify your inventory, audit all charges, and resolve all issues for you, boosting your bottom line.

Once you see the results, you may choose to continue with our ROI+ service, which guarantees 100% return.

Serious Savings.

Our clients average a return of 

over their investment.

Interested in how to calculate
a potential return?
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