We hear this alot,
but not from our customers.

You're about to get real.
Real-time detailed Inventory. Accurate, updated, visible.

Tellennium provides a seriously different inventory experience. Accurate, thorough, and accessible, our inventory platform (TIMS™) continually updates your inventory on a regular basis.

Not every provider updates inventory. Check for “once and done”. With an ongoing inventory feature, MACDs are accounted for. This means you have an accurate, and current, accounting inventory which is available to you anytime, 24/7.

Compare a typical TEM inventory to the TIMS™ Platform:

Typical TEMS

  • Billing ID
  • Account #
  • Location (if provided, may be billing address)
  • MRC
  • USOC code

TIMS™ Platform

  • Billing ID
  • Account #
  • Location (actual location of inventory, not the billing address)​
  • MRC
  • USOC code
  • Verified inventory detail – every line, circuit, number, and asset tested and verified
  • Critical / low use lines identified and verified
  • Continually updated
  • Granular detail accessible though an intuitive platform (TIMS™)
    • Drill down to line or circuit detail
    • Visibility to activity and mapping
    • Flags unused or low use lines
    • Identifies low use high critical
    • Flags unusual activity
  • Additional details include: PIC, LPIC, DIDs, TSP codes, up / down speeds and every feature
  • And more...

My TEM provider said we’d have an accurate inventory – but I can’t see it. Everything’s rolled up, I can’t access any detail, and when I try to call, I get a call center.

We hear this alot. But not from our customers. Here’s why:

  • Every line, every circuit, and asset is tested and verified. And not just “once and done” like some providers. TIMS™ surfaces new activity for additions, and flags unused activity on an ongoing basis, which our Tellennium Team tests and verifies. Every month.
  • Our inventory gets specific. PIC codes, DIDs, up / down speeds, features, accurate locations, and more.
  • Verified circuit locations – not just the billing address on the invoice.
  • TIMS™ gives you access to the nitty gritty, granular information, in an easy to use platform.
  • Low use, high critical lines – like those attached to elevators and fire alarms – are clearly identified.
  • Access to critical TSP codes so your enterprise gets priority service restoration in the event of an unexpected emergency – like storms, fires or earthquakes.
  • Map views available for quick access to your locations, information, and inventory.
TEMS Screenshot

Inventory Audit

Interested in knowing your current inventory to see if you have erroneous and fraudulent charges? Consider our Financial and Inventory Assessment.

It’s simple on your end. 

Just provide us your invoices and we’ll dig in. Our expert team will identify your inventory, audit all charges, and resolve all issues for you, boosting your bottom line.

Once you see the results, you may choose to continue with our ROI+ service, which guarantees 100% return plus 10% minimum.

Serious Savings.

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