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Like real-time detailed inventory, direct access to US based support, and real guarantees.

Focused on customers

We have always focused on customers first. That means you have access to experts when you need them. We have one central SaaS solution that gives you an amazing amount of detail, flexibility, and control when you need it. While other TEM companies are laying off, cutting wages, and reducing investment in their platforms, Tellennium is expanding and continues the investment in their single platform with a new vetted release every month.

Our sole focus is on you and your needs.

Our Difference

Not all partners are equal – and our customers stay with us for a reason. It’s no secret that inventory accuracy, easy access to detailed information, and a support team that knows the business are top priorities for success. Many TEM firms promise this but fail in execution. We deliver consistently and have the references to back it up. We GUARANTEE satisfaction with all of our agreements.

Detailed, accurate, tested inventory

  • Verified inventory detail – every line, circuit, number, and asset tested and verified
  • Continually updated
  • Granular detail accessible though an intuitive platform (TIMS™)
    • Drill down to line or circuit detail
    • Visibility to activity and mapping
    • Flags unused or low use lines
    • Identifies low use high critical
    • Flags unusual activity

Details Matter: WE CHECK

  • Lines and circuits are tested and verified on a recurring basis
  • TSP codes are listed in TIMS to identify priority repair and deployment in the event of an emergency. Critically important for hospitals as an example
  • Additional details include: PIC, LPIC, DIDs, up / down speeds, and every feature

Direct access to IT and invoice support teams

  • Technical network and invoicing support teams assigned to every customer, familiar with your requirements.
  • Teams are US based, and staffed by Tellennium employees with TEM expertise. Many providers have outsourced or offshored support. We do not.

The most detailed platform in the business. – TIMS™

  • Identify actual phone numbers and equipment location, not just a roll up of the invoice billing location.
  • Drag and drop dashboard configuration – so you can easily get to what you need.
  • See TIMS™ Platform Comparison here.

No carrier commissions - No conflict of interest

  • We work solely in your best interests.
  • Completely objective and no hidden agendas.
  • Any commissions received we pass directly on to you.

Guarantees in Writing

You get our full commitment in writing. Real. Contractual. Guaranteed.  Find Out More

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