Moves, Adds, Changes and Services Management

In most businesses telecom changes can occur every month, if not every day. One of the common problems in corporate telecom change processes is that they often do not include any centralized tracking with availability to other telecom/IT personnel. In the event an employee is off work or out of the office no one else is aware of the change status, contacts involved, and other associated details.

Additionally, for changes that involve carrier services, the accounts payable department is often unaware and when the invoices are received they are at a loss as to how allocate those expenses. This will often further cause a payment delay with late payment charges as the invoices are sent around the corporation for approval and proper allocation.
Tellennium’s Integrated Management System (TIMS) proactively solves these issues by centrally managing the MACS processes with allocation, invoice match availability, and much more.

Tellennium personnel are also optionally available to assist clients in managing MACS-related items, such as wireless users and usage, telecom system and carrier service changes, and other daily telecom management chores, so our clients’ internal staffs can focus on higher value, business-specific tasks.