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Keeping track of devices and plans across your enterprise network is no small job.

Our Mobility Managed Services (MMS) provide the tools needed to properly manage your mobile work environments.

Mobile networks and devices power today’s business. Get granular visibility for each device and manage phones, IoT, data devices, expenses, and security. We make it much easier, with real time inventory and invoice reporting, backed by dedicated support teams assigned to each client.

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Mobile networks and devices power today’s business. Managing wireless, IoT, data devices, expenses, and security is no small job. We make it much easier, with real time inventory and invoice reporting, backed by support teams assigned to each client.

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Key mobility support areas

Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

Subject matter experts will assist your team and bring day to day mobility expertise, managing your devices from staging and kitting through recycling and replacement. Let our team help yours gain and maintain control. The support team can execute service transfers, dispositions, form submissions to the carrier, and billing support activities.

When it comes to mobility, we raise the standard.

Accurate. User friendly. Dedicated support.

Gain efficiency, improve customer experience and reduce costs with Mobility Managed Services (MMS) delivered through Tellennium’s MoT® platform.   This powerful SaaS platform encompasses the IT and process management services required to acquire, support and optimize smartphones, tablets, IoT, and ruggedized field force devices with integrated cellular and/or wireless connectivity.

Audit & Optimization

Stay ahead of your mobility usage and changes with Tellennium’s rate plan monitoring, optimization, and feature audits. Our team of mobility experts and MoT® software bring proactive cost savings initiatives to the table that can be automatically acted upon or approved by a click of a button.  Tellennium tracks these changes, ensuring that you always get a positive ROI.

Helpdesk and support when you need it

Our 12 x 5 and 24 x 7 tier 1-3 staff consist of certified subject matter experts skilled in mobile equipment, wearables, carrier services, and MDM management. The support team can execute service transfers, dispositions, equipment & service troubleshooting, and answer any billing questions. We focus on supporting your users with a quick resolution.

Procurement Store & Workflow

Having a comprehensive end-user portal & workflow module for service issues that crop up from change gives you control and visibility to stay ahead of constant changes. Tellennium’s procurement and order management system covers every point in the mobile lifecycle. Give your employees the visibility and power to manage their mobile devices and gain central point line of sight for your team.

Security Application Management

Tellennium supports your MDM of choice.  Rely on us for complete service with assistance from set-up, deployment, app configuration, policy management and troubleshooting. Our security experts ensure that your data stays secure and that your users have access to the data they need to perform their job.

Let us handle asset logistics customized to your needs:

Device Logistics

Our clients average a return of 

over their investment.

Interested in how to calculate
a potential return?

Streamlined Invoice Processing

Leverage Tellennium’s elite combination of SaaS software technology, dynamic workflow processes, analytics and expertise to centralize management and visibility to manage and control every aspect of invoicing and payment. We collect, audit, chargeback and pay all of your invoices in an efficient and configurable automated workflow. And, we flag billing errors and variances, giving you immediate visibility.

Implementation of Outsourced TEM

An implementation so easy you won’t believe that its TEM.  Tellennium manages all of the heavy lifting on-like other providers.  Our team of subject matter experts will work hand in glove with your internal team to proactively manage your network for operational and cost efficiencies.

Tellennium charges no implementation fees and most clients go-live in 60 days.

With no long-term commitments-what’s the risk? Contact us today.

Rapid pivots to remote working environments meant high change at rapid speed. Our rate plan optimization may uncover:

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