Mobile Data is Growing, Voice and SMS is Slowing… Do You Have Cost Effective Mobile Plans?

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Are you spending too much on employees’ wireless expenses?

The ways in which employees use mobile services are changing. Smartphones, tablets, mobile apps and how people communicate is moving from voice calls to data services with e-mails, video, social media websites and other forms of communication. In our experience, employers are now paying for extra voice minutes for employees that they no longer need. If you pool employees’ voice services you probably have pools of extra minutes that you no longer need. On the other hand, employees may need service plans that allow for more data consumption.

You need to collect all of your employees’ bills for mobile services to do a thorough analysis of what they are using. After you compare it to their service plans you can determine cost saving changes. Next you will probably need to negotiate a new mobile service plan. You may want to issue an RFP to get competitive quotes from other carriers. Even if you are not seeking to make a change, simply issuing an RFP can create an environment where your current providers knows that they will have to offer you more competitive pricing for mobile service plans.

Also, consider that changes in how employees use mobile services are also affecting your fixed or wireline services. Changes in mobile communications will also mean changes in wireline services. These changes mean that you are probably paying too much for telecom services.

If you don’t have the resources or the time to do the analysis we can help. Learn how Tellennium’s program will pay for itself.


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