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Radically Changing Business Outcomes
Analyst Perspective

Explore real world business outcomes by intentionally using telecom, mobility and IT to bring about cost savings and marketplace adjustments – especially relevant with challenges faced in this COVID pandemic environment.

Radically Changing Business Outcomes Cover

Discover how four enterprises in diverse verticals accomplished the following:

These pre-pandemic moves delivered high value. They reduce risk, and delivered strategic advantages with radical business improvements. Each one of these is magnified even more in the face of COVID 19 business challenges.

Enterprises can realize successful outcomes through strategic vision and smart implementation of proven telecom, mobility and IT assets and services.

Take your technology management to a new level

Expense Management Transformation

Transform your visibility and control of wireline, mobile, and network assets and services to manage flexible work environments.

No-risk assessment and trial

We offer a risk free assessment of your current network with guaranteed savings we secure for you.

Verified inventory and billing compliance

Tellennium’s MoT® SaaS platform gives you visibility and control of your communications network.

Twenty years in, we’ve saved our customers millions. Which explains our 98% retention rate.

They know the marketplace. They know the vendors. And, they are our advocate.
- CIO, steel manufacturing

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Are you overpaying in transition to a remote workforce?

Support vs Cost Graph

Our clients average a return of 

over their investment.

Interested in how to calculate
a potential return?

Today, we are recognizing an “A-B” trend that we have seen over our 20 year history of providing consulting, expense management, staff augmentation and cost containment. 

A) Many organizations are having IT staff support challenges with tasks such as setting up and maintaining a large deployment of remote workers, etc.. 

B) In 60-90 days the associated expenses will be over budget.

We are at full operation and can assist you with the following: 

1. Staff Augmentation & Support 

2. Cost Containment 

3. Expense Reporting for Stimulus Relief 

Whatever you need and whatever it takes to help lesson your organization’s burden in these times, and flatten the impact these curves, we are here.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time. #weareallinthistogether

About Tellennium

Tellennium is a top-rated provider of telecom expense management (TEM) solutions with unparalleled SaaS and customer support.  Our team of experts assist for mid-large enterprises with expense management, business continuity, risk management, disaster prevention, and mobility applications. We’ve never lost a customer due to support.

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