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Business happens at lightning speed.

Digital Transformation Through MACDs

Mergers. Acquisitions. Consolidation.

Or, in our world: Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnects. On more than one level, we will help you manage all of this and eliminate the associated stress with these tasks.

Gain control and standardize your workflows as you combine systems.
We give you the tools and put the details in place. Here’s how:

  • Inventory: Identify all the details of what you are dealing with: all the lines, circuits, services and more.
  • Project Management: Time equals money, we support network transformations to ensure they deploy on-time to maximize savings and revenue.
  • Carrier Benchmarking & Quote Generation: Understand your choices and the level of service provided with each Vendor.
  • MACD Management: From quote generation, to order fulfillment, testing and turn-up, we track and manage against all milestones.
  • Rate Verification: Check that new services are billing correctly. And disconnects are actually disconnected.
  • Reporting: Smooth timelines and transitions with reports along the way. Real time through TIMS. (Find out More About Our TIMS Platform)

Working with Tellennium was a key ingredient in the formula for success.

–CTO, Credit Union

Transitioning multiple locations, services, technologies is difficult enough. Invest in expertise to smooth the path.

Curious? See how we’ve assisted just a few of our clients with MACDs – in healthcare:

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