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Management of Things

What is Management of Things®?

Management of Things (MoT®) is a process and an associated SaaS platform for managing a multitude of complex expenses, services, and assets in an enterprise. 

Management of Things (MoT®)  provides the ability to better manage these items by providing a centralized database with detailed insight into underlying invoice expenses, services, and asset data. 

Unlike other TEM processes and platforms, MoT incorporates accounts payable automation, AI functions, procurement, and change workflows for a multitude of services and assets including all voice and data services, mobility , equipment, utilities, waste, cloud, and subscription licensing.

A comprehensive expense management solution MoT® - Management of Things®

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What are the Benefits?

Realize significant savings  –  On average a 28% reduction on IT spend.
Tellennium looks for services not being utilized, invoice accuracy, contract adherence, and technology deployment 

RATE: Are you being billed the rates in accordance with your contract? 

PURPOSE: Is there a purpose or use for the services being billed? Was it disconnected and still billing? 

OPTIMIZATION: Is there a more efficient, better performing, and/or less costly design/engineering of services in use? 

Significant soft dollar savings with time efficiencies for IT and AP staff (thousands of hours per year to be repurposed to more useful / meaningful tasks) 

As organizations look at private 5G networks, SDWAN and other technologies and services, they need to understand what they have today, the terms of the agreements, and deploy a tracking system to monitor the transition of technologies.

Ensure that services do not get disconnected due to non-payment and eliminate Late Payment Fees 

Easy to use procurement store allows users to obtain services and equipment while adhering to corporate policy 

All are backed by a knowledgeable, accessible team of experts assigned to your account for support. Technical Support and invoice processing support. Win. Win.

Download this in-depth assessment of the value of Management of Things®  by Amalgam Insights analyst Kelly Teal.

MoT® Platform Features

Configure your dashboard the way you want– simple drag and drop interface  Drill down to details for individual lines, circuits, and services Single platform for all complex expenses with Hhierarchal and credentialed user access Automated invoice management and alerts Procurement store with customizable workflow  Locate Inventory and Expenses
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Automation & Comprehensive Reporting 

Detailed by location

Streamlined invoice processing, automated cost allocations, payment and reconciliation management

Contract adherence and notification alerts

Comprehensive financial reporting, including budgeting, trending, and forecasting

Configurable Mobility Store and Move, Add, Change, Delete, and service (MACDs) management

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The most detailed platform in the business. Management of Things®

MoT® provides a real-time data portal that collects all of your company’s telecom expenses, including:

A complete inventory of all telecom services

Comprehensive telecom vendor and carrier expense analyses

List of areas of concern, variances, and overcharges

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