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The Situation

Sirius QuoteSirius is a nationally recognized IT solution provider with a certified team of sales and technical professionals who have the skills, product knowledge and commitment to help clients develop and implement the right technology solutions to solve their business needs. Sirius delivers a competitive advantage and a positive return on investment to its customers. When it comes to managing telecom expenses for fixed services and several hundred mobile users, Sirius relies on Tellennium.

Sirius has a consulting, sales and services organization with
many employees that work at clients’ sites and remotely from home offices. This arrangement is similar to many organizations that have a mobile workforce and employees that work off site. Employees are eligible to receive a flat reimbursement for telecom services or they can shift their services to the corporate plan where Sirius manages the expense. If employees leave the company, they can arrange to have the services transferred.

Sirius must work with a diverse range of telecom service providers to meet the needs of a workforce that is dispersed nationwide. It has also transitioned from a homogeneous environment where employees used Blackberries two years ago to a mixed environment in which employees can use a mix of different smartphones. Managing thousands of line items on corporate and employee bills requires automation and professional services to receive, validate, optimize, approve, allocate charges, batch invoices and pay the bills.

Tony Tomasi, Vice President of Information Technology for Sirius explains one of the challenges when he states, “even if you have just five lines, I can practically guarantee that you will have billing errors and overcharges. It’s a hassle to manage.”

The Solution

Sirius ProjTellennium transitioned the corporate managed bills from Sirius and its employees to Tellennium’s Integrated Management System TIMS™ platform. Tellennium’s flexible telecom expense management software and services reduce the time to process invoices. As an automated data mining solution, TIMS provides comprehensive telecom vendor and carrier expense reviews each billing period. Tellennium identifies areas of concern, variances, and abuse. Through its secure Web portal, users (with the right permissions and credentials) can access reporting to view enterprise-level charges, circuit information, historical data, images of actual invoices, and other information. Tellennium’s mobile management solution and wireless store helps Sirius manage all of the different smartphones that employees use.

The Results

Tellennium has recovered over $800,000 in billing errors from telecom carriers and cut Sirius’ overall telecom expense by 20%. The Integrated Telecom Management® process has also helped Sirius reallocate the time of two employees who had been processing bills to more productive areas. Since Tellennium has been managing the billing including payments on Sirius’ behalf, there have been no late payments, penalties, or disconnections. And Tellennium was there with resources and tools to help make a recent large acquisition a streamlined and smooth process.

“Sirius provides a competitive advantage and a positive return on investment for its technology services, which include networking and mobility. But telecom expense management requires certain specialization that Tellennium provides which pays for its services and delivers a competitive advantage for us,” said Tony Tomasi, Vice President of Information Technology for Sirius.

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