Technology’s the new foundation of the workplace, which means greater demands on your people and processes. Tellennium helps you keep the world working by fine-tuning your invoicing, billing, and core functions. So you can bring the connections, the communication, and the productivity.

Challenges facing technology

Other unchecked, IT- adjacent domains have, in general, room for savings of 10-40%.

The tech sector faces many challenges their own customers face – not the least of which is maximizing capital. Undetected “leaks” of cash through overbillings of connectivity and recurring bills can add up. And, contracting for optimal rates often saves significant cash as well. Amalgam Insights’ IT Rule of 30 states that every unmanaged IT spend category averages a 30% opportunity to reduce costs, including those for telecom, mobility, cloud, and software. Other unchecked, IT- adjacent domains have, in general, room for savings of 10-40%. (Source: Amalgam Insights Market Alert, April 2021)

Supply chain disruptions, labor force challenges, and demand cycles challenge even the best run enterpises. As with everything, it comes down to execution. We find having visibility, accurate tracking, and a mineable database makes the difference.

“Telecom expense management requires certain specialization that Tellennium provides which pays for its services and delivers a competitive advantage for us.”

- Tony Tomasi, Vice President of Information Technology, Sirus Computer Systems

Case Studies

Take your technology management to a new level

Expense Management Transformation

Transform your visibility and control of wireline, mobile, and network assets and services to manage flexible work environments.

No-risk assessment and trial

We offer a risk free assessment of your current network with guaranteed savings we secure for you.

Verified inventory and billing compliance

Tellennium’s MoT® SaaS platform gives you visibility and control of your communications network.

Twenty years in, we’ve saved our customers millions. Which explains our 98% retention rate.

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About Tellennium

Tellennium is a top-rated provider of telecom expense management (TEM) solutions with unparalleled SaaS and customer support.  Our team of experts assist for mid-large enterprises with expense management, business continuity, risk management, disaster prevention, and mobility applications. We’ve never lost a customer due to support.

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