The terms Telecom Consultant and Telephone Consultant are often overused. In this industry, many individuals and companies classify themselves as consultants. They are most often sales people with a focus on “selling” specific equipment and carrier services for which they market. With the assistance of the underlying corporation, they will consult on how to buy their specific products and services. However, there are other types of organizations where the relationships and qualifications are not so well defined. These other types of telecom consultants may lead one to believe they are objective and qualified in their services and processes while many are accepting compensation from a select few vendors or have relationships which prevent an objective viewpoint, often without the knowledge of their client. There are also several franchise organizations that provide training for just one or two weeks to individuals with little to no technical telecom background, who then subsequently classify themselves as consultants. We believe and operate differently

We believe a truly objective “consultant” should be totally unbiased, not accepting compensation from vendors, and an expert in all facets of their chosen field. To be an expert in telecommunications, one should possess years of experience in engineering, sales, and management having a diverse background in carrier services as well as equipment. They must be able to envision the big picture and fully understand the technical details. They should know how carriers, vendors, and manufacturers’ internal processes work; how and where they make their money. How different technologies can or cannot fit together. Have the skill sets to design applications, develop Request for Proposals, negotiate, and manage projects. They should be able to provide exactly what impact solutions will make in an organization.

Tellennium knows first-hand how telecom solutions impact an organization. We will often purchase telecom equipment and software for our own internal evaluation of how well the products will perform in various environments and applications. The knowledge gained is for the sole benefit of our clients who engage our services. We lead the industry in experience, integrity, and objectivity. We will ensure your productivity and efficiency is improved and maximum value is achieved. And we are always here for our clients long after a project is successfully complete.

Brief List of Consulting Services

  • RFP specification development
  • Telephone systems evaluation
  • Telecom network design
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) design
  • VoIP design and analysis
  • Contact center design and analysis
  • Customer service metrics evaluation
  • Wireless applications evaluation
  • Vendor and services negotiation
  • Implementation management
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Telemanagement services

Our internal group of Telecom Consultant professionals adheres to the stringent code of ethics as established by the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC). We do not market carrier services or equipment. Nor have we received compensation from any telecommunications carrier, manufacturer, or vendor. The engagement of our highly experienced objective Telecom Consultants provides telecommunications advice, design, and negotiation for services and equipment applications. With decades of knowledge and expertise, we work with our clients to solve problems and create opportunities for them, without bias.