Leading Telecom Expense Management Firm Outlines Best Practices Delivering Average 28% Annual Savings, Improved Inventory and Transparency

June 18, 2013 (Orlando, FL-Healthcare Financial Management Annual Meeting-ANI 2013-)—Tellennium (HFMA-ANI Booth#1301), a global industry leader in telecom expense management, mobility management and telecom enterprise consulting, announced today it has published a new white paper, How to Gain Double Digit Telecom Cost Recovery and Mobile Optimization in 100 Days.

By establishing an accurate telecom inventory and delivering real-time service and equipment expense transparency, telecom expense management can help healthcare delivery organizations not only lower costs dramatically, but they can achieve a better service. The white paper identifies issues and an outline for a 100 day success plan to get health organizations of all sizes on their way to double digit annual cost savings and is available for download free of charge at

The U.S. healthcare system overall will spend more than $69 billion on telecommunications services over the next six years, according to a 2012 report from The Insight Research Corporation. The report projected a growth of 9.7 percent a year as healthcare systems expand.

All health organizations face a bewildering array of telecom services, challenges, and charges with little oversight. Telecom expense management delivers savings ranging from thousands of dollars for a medical practice to millions of dollars for larger healthcare organizations. By applying Tellennium’s expertise, proven processes, and TIMS system, their clients are gaining visibility, control, efficiency, and averaging a 28% reduction in telecom expense.

About Tellennium
Tellennium (, based in Louisville, Kentucky, began as a telecom consulting firm in 1999, utilizing objective expertise to help procure enterprise-wide telecommunications systems and services. In 2002, Tellennium introduced Tellennium’s Integrated Management System (TIMS™), a telecom expense management platform designed to proactively assist clients with the continuous management of their telecom services, processes, and expenses.
Tellennium has grown dramatically since inception at a double digit rate each year – organically and profitably; being recognized nationally and internationally by Gartner and INC. magazine as a telecom industry leader.

Tellennium’s core philosophy is to apply the highest standards of honesty, objectivity, expertise, and sophisticated software tools to complex telecom issues, thereby providing clients with a unique set of solutions, efficiencies, and proven results.

Tellennium provides Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Mobile Management, and Telecom Enterprise Consulting to organizations around the globe in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and professional services. For more information, visit Tellennium at the Healthcare Financial Management ANI 2013 Meeting (Booth#1301) today. Or, visit, email or call 800-939-9440.