Tellennium announces partnership with Edgewood Green Technologies USA

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The leading enterprise expense management firm adds waste management to its portfolio of services.

Louisville, KY, March 16, 2021 –Tellennium announced today a new partnership with Edgewood Green Technologies LLC (EGT), a leading waste management consulting firm. EGT services will be integrated with Tellennium’s offerings beginning this month.

We are excited to partner with Edgewood Green Technologies as a prominent provider in our portfolio. said Greg McIntyre, founder and CEO of Tellennium. Their expertise in this complex expense area will drive additional savings and efficiency for our enterprise customers.

Tellennium’s solution provides expense management for the most complex invoices mid to large enterprises encounter –technology networks, mobility, virtual workforces, communications, utilities, and printing. The Edgewood Green Technologies partnership expands these services to include waste management. 

EGT specializes in reducing the cost of waste removal and recycling. Company expertise includes renegotiation of current contracts, resizing services, improving recycling options and reducing carbon footprints.

We are delighted about partnering with Tellennium and look forward to helping their customers with all of their waste consulting needs. stated Matt Henry, vice president at EGT. The waste industry is a rapidly changing market, and our unique talent is helping clients find the best solutions for their specific needs.

Tellennium’s technology expense management software platform, and knowledgeable support teams provide accurate detailed reporting of real time billing information associated with recurring services and assets. This gives enterprise teams critical insights to make well informed business decisions based on accurate and current data.

As the complexity of business grows, keeping track of everything becomes more challenging. said McIntyre, We deliver the ability to manage the details, and therefore save time and money.

About Tellennium

Tellennium’s proven technology expense management solutions give business enterprises accurate, visible, mineable data across their enterprise networks. This equips IT professionals with information they need to reduce expenses, optimize their networks and make decisions that support digital transformation strategies. Follow us on LinkedIn


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