The Power Of The Management Of Things And Expense Management – Part 2

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Now that the Internet of Things is here, you have more connection and control than ever. However, you also have an ever-increasing array of expenses. The next level of connectivity is now uniting more devices than ever to help your business operate with greater productivity and profitability.  

Unfortunately, as we are all aware, every new capability must be managed properly to make sure it’s bringing in a positive ROI. That’s where Tellennium’s Management of Things® comes in.  

MoT is nothing short of the next level of expense management; a SaaS solution designed to analyze and optimize your cost items that route through the platform, to make sure every individual expense is carefully managed to maximize value. It’s a robust, customized, turnkey solution to bring data and the technology and costs behind it into a clearer view. With MoT, you gain more control and capability than ever to manage operating costs, returns on technological investments, and expenses at every level.

Why the industry needs MoT; value delivered.

Tellennium’s (MoT®) solution is designed to serve the wide breadth of enterprise expense and asset management needs as the digital transformation trend continues to evolve into the 21st century.  

The Management of Things® phrase is conceptually like the popularized term Internet of things (IoT), which focuses on describing the challenge of managing the accelerated expansion of device connectivity to the cloud environment.  

MoT® is focused on the challenge of managing the accelerated expansion of things beyond connectivity. These variables items include a multitude of complex expenses, services, and assets within an enterprise.

Beyond Traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM).

For any service, asset or expense, the Management of Things® solution is the next evolutionary step beyond traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM). It is designed to be the response to the digital transformational changes that we are now witnessing in the first quarter of the 21st century.  

You can now manage all other digital minutia outside of traditional TEM with TEM for a more powerful and centralized enterprise spend management solution – this is the Management of Things® (MoT®) 

MoT is accurate, operating with a verified inventory of every device and its role in the big picture. 

MoT is flexible, with the ability to provide ROI across any type of business. 

MoT is scalable, allowing it to manage costs and benefits across any size network. You have powerful expense management capabilities that deliver results whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company. 

MoT is intuitive, with a streamlined interface that helps visualize cost data to make it easier to understand. 

MoT is empowering, with the ability to access your cost information in terms of the big picture, while also helping you drill down to individual details. With MoT, you can see how everything fits together to fuel a leaner, more efficient, more cost-effective network across the entire company.  

MoT is integrated, able to work seamlessly with Human Resources and Accounts Payable software across your organization. Any outstanding issues or expenses that need attention are flagged immediately, including equipment associated with employee addition or attrition.  

Management of Things® is more than a software suite, though. It comes with serious expertise and assistance as part of the package. That’s because MoT® was designed by a group of expense management experts who have decades of experience finding waste, hidden costs, and overspending in technology-rich environments.  No wonder, then, that MoT was named one of the 10 Hottest New Telecom/Mobility/IT Solutions in the 2021 Association Conference for Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Professionals Industry Awards. 

The Management of Things® has the power of partnerships behind it, but that extends beyond Tellennium’s partnership with your company. Tellennium is so dedicated to reducing costs at every level, we’ve invested in partnerships with many of the service providers you may already be using. For example, we work with specialists in waste management to lower costs for trash and recycling. We also work with energy management experts to optimize utility costs. In short, we stop at nothing to find ways to help you spend less while getting more done.  

If you would like to learn more about the ways Tellennium can empower your business to save money, please contact us for more information or to schedule your demonstration of Management of Things®. 

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