TELLENNIUM began as a telecom consulting firm in 1999, utilizing objective expertise to help organizations procure enterprise-wide telecommunications systems and services. In 2002, we introduced Tellennium’s Integrated Management System or TIMS™, our telecom expense management platform is designed to proactively assist our clients with the continuous management of their telecom processes and expenses.

With our expertise, proven processes, TIMS, and an unwavering focus on our clients’ best interests, Tellennium has grown dramatically since inception at a double digit rate year after year – profitably. We have been nationally and internationally recognized by Gartner as a telecom industry leader and by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America since 2007.

Our core philosophy is to apply the highest standards of integrity, objectivity, expertise, and sophisticated software tools to complex telecom issues, thereby providing our clients with a unique set of solutions, efficiencies, and proven results.

Optimizing Time and Money

  • Time – We dramatically decrease the amount of time and effort required to process, allocate, pay & archive invoices; maintain services’ inventories; monitor charges; manage vendors & contracts; audit, optimize, design telecom infrastructures; manage implementations; and simply manage the constant change within a complex organization.
  • Money – Our client’s average over 28% net cost savings across their entire telecom spend and we guarantee a positive net result from all of our services.

While our tools are technologically advanced, our approach remains client and results focused. We understand that our future depends upon continuing to bring value to our clients.