Utility Expense Management

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We’ll create efficiencies and savings by handling
your utility invoice processing...
...so the lights don't go out.

Utility seem straightforward, but you’d be surprised what you can gain by automating bill processing. With single point of visibility to usage and spend (especially valuable in these fluid workplace times), you gain the ability to pro-actively identify and manage any out of line expenses and flag any unpaid invoices in advance – avoiding service disconnects.

What is Utility Expense Management?

Utility expense management is the receiving, auditing, cost allocation, and payment of all locations’ water, energy, gas, and waste invoices. It proactively tracks usage to be able to report and monitor on usage, streamlining reporting and providing actionable insights that allow companies to realize significant reductions in expense, especially in deregulated markets. 

The digital transformation of bill processing automation provides savings through eliminating hours of manually processing hundreds or thousands of invoices and proactively audits each invoice while paying only the accurate amount for the services used.

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Tellennium’s Utility Bill Management Software

Tellennium delivers an elite combination of SaaS software technology, dynamic workflow processes, analytics and expertise for centralized utility expense management. Instead of paper invoices, PDF images, and a multitudes of web portals; Tellennium’s single SaaS platform – MoT®(Management of Things®) provides a mineable database with automation and AI technology to track, allocate, pay, optimize, and proactively report on services, expenses, contracts, and usage by provider, type, location, cost code, and more.

Any Service Type, Any Expense, Any Invoice

Our single comprehensive platform MoT® with tight P2P workflow processes and guaranteed ROI supports any service, any expense, and any invoice. We refer to this as Tellennium’s Management of Things® (MoT®).  No need to have multiple systems, manual processes, multiple P2P / TEM / Utility Audit vendors, and budget overruns. Tellennium, with our proven processes, dynamic system, and expertise are here for you.

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Benefits of Utility Expense Management

Cost Containment & Expense Reductions (Savings)

Digital Transformation and Automation

Gain Actionable Insight

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