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Our Qualified Channel Partner Program offers significant benefits for your clients, and income for you.


Real, Significant Hard Dollar And Time Savings For Your Clients – GUARANTEED

How would you like to offer a service that is GUARANTEED – in writing – to save your clients a large percentage of their telecom spend – at no net cost to them? We are so confident that MoT® will save your clients real money that we GUARANTEE our services will never cost your clients a cent. Instead, they will have more dollars returned than what our fees are. We call it ROI+.


Centralized Management

With the best SaaS platform in the business, we track every individual charge for every service your clients use. Our MoT® platform is a centralized expense and process management solution for telecom, utilities, assets, and much more that delivers unrivaled detail. Every service, piece of equipment, all changes, and all of the contract details – regardless of provider and across all of their locations, globally.



Your residuals from TELLENNIUM lasts as long as your client remains a TELLENNIUM client. And TELLENNIUM’s retention rates are the highest in the industry.


Interested in becoming a Qualified Tellennium Channel Partner?

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