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The most detailed platform in the business.
Management of Things®

MoT® provides a real-time data portal that collects all of your company’s telecom expenses, including:

  • A complete inventory of all telecom services
  • Comprehensive telecom vendor and carrier expense analyses
  • List of areas of concern, variances, and overcharges
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With the MoT® platform, you can:

  • Configure your dashboard the way you want it – simple drag and drop interface
  • Drill down to details for individual lines, circuits, and services (not just a roll-up to the billing location and total invoice amount)
  • Instantly see flagged activity to investigate
    Set alerts for bills not yet paid – before they are deactivated
  • Flag unused lines
  • Spot unusual activity
  • Identify lines that are low-use yet critical
  • Geo-Map Inventory and Expenses
  • Verify TSP licenses in place (for priority attention in disaster situations like weather, earthquake)

In addition to this high-level view, Tellennium provides a detailed look at your inventory, including:

  • Billing ID
  • Account number
  • Billing location and physical location
  • MRC
  • Service type
  • Streamlined invoice processing, including OCR and automated cost allocations
  • Continuous invoice auditing, with variance tools, notifications, and dispute tracking
  • Comprehensive financial reporting, including budgeting, trending, and forecasting
  • Circuit and equipment inventories, infrastructure management and optimization
  • Customizable Mobility Store and MACS (Move/Add/Change/Service) management
  • Contract adherence and notification
  • Hierarchal and credentialed user access
  • Distributed or centralized invoice approval options, coding, payment and reconciliation management

Tellennium's Management of Things® Process and Platform Webinar

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