100% guarantee
  • True Objectivity & Integrity We do not work for provider commissions or residuals, we work solely for our client’s best interests. We meet the rigorous requirements of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants’ Code of Ethics.
  • Knowledge Our consultants average over twenty-five years of experience with very diverse telecom backgrounds in carrier services and hardware/software applications including Hosted Solutions, SIP trunking, Mobility, Data Centers, Disaster Recovery, VoIP, Unified Communications, and much more. Our largest consulting project was for a $100M network including design and RFP specification development. We also internally test many bleeding edge solutions long before they are main stream.
  • Full Range of Services We are specialists in the telecom industry, with services ranging from objective consulting to auditing to continuous telecom management.
  • Flexibility We work with each client to tailor a solution that’s most appropriate for their needs; whether its a one-time consulting project, one-time audit & optimization, full lifecycle telecom expense management (TEM), internal audit & optimization support (DIY), MACS/AMC support, mobile management, or any unique combination thereof.
  • Real Guarantees We contractually guarantee satisfaction and hard dollar returns.