What type of companies use and benefit from TEM services?

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What Companies Benefit From TEM

All types of organizations, including the government, can benefit from telecom expense management (TEM) services. The larger, the more complex, and the more fluctuations taking place within an organization, the greater the benefit in managing changes, acquisitions and disposition adjustments. 

Typically, organizations that benefit the most from professional TEM support are of a minimum size profile as detailed below: 

Key Variables 

  • Minimum monthly spend >$50,000 
  • Mobile device count >500 devices 
  • Multiple locations across the country or world 

Let’s look at five types of organizations that benefit from a TEM partnership and examine some of the reasons why. 

5 Types of Organizations that Best Benefit from TEM Services

1. Large Corporate Enterprises

There’s naturally much more to do in terms of TEM services support for larger corporations. These are companies with communications network spends that are in the millions yearly.

Large enterprises will require more expert TEM service support for full TEM lifecycle management. Listed below are three variables that make large companies great candidates for partnership with a TEM provider:

  • Network Spend Review: Accurately assessing and analyzing all telecom network charges relative to telecom network assets is critical for enterprises with significant network spending. 
  • Network Volume: Larger volumes of people, services, and data scale more effectively with TEM services support. 
  • Network Complexity: Larger surface area contact with various telecom and utility service providers adds to complexity. This requires a robust TEM platform and TEM industry expertise to manage properly and proactively. You need to have both the right technology and expertise to succeed in managing a healthy TEM program and a competent TEM firm will provide both.

2. Government Organizations

Like larger private sector companies, large government organizations need to manage vast amounts of telecom assets and telecom services, large teams of personnel, and have demanding transparency and accountability requirements.

It’s these types of needs that make government agencies good candidates for professional TEM service support.

  • Strict Data Protocols: Government organizations will tend to have very stringent requirements for the management and reporting of data. A competent TEM firm has the technological horsepower and TEM industry expertise needed to satisfy these key governmental requirements. 
  • Industry Standards: Government organizations are highly compelled to adhere to the latest legal sensitivities and industry standards, requiring a strong partner for effective TEM governance.
  • Administration Requirements: The administrative burden on governmental organizations tends to be greater than in the private sector, necessitating expert TEM service support in managing effective TEM processes and large volumes of data throughout the full TEM lifecycle. 

3. Companies Prioritizing Mobility Use

Companies that are prioritizing mobility use will be up against managing quickly evolving technologies and an overwhelming array of telecom carrier service and plan offerings. To say there are many moving parts that need constant attention and proactive mobility management is an understatement.

The needs of personnel within certain business units will change, along with differing individual needs depending upon job function. These variables alone make the case for professional TEM subject-matter-expertise to manage the mobility spend effectively throughout the full TEM lifecycle.

  • Mobility Proliferation: Increased mobile device (e.g., smartphones, laptop PCs, tablets etc.) use requiring professional plan management across a multitude of telecom carriers and mobility plan types. 
  • Mobile Data: Mobile phone data usage continues to increase dramatically, necessitating greater mobile expense management support. 
  • Mobile device life cycle management: This continues to increase in popularity. According to the Gartner MDM definition, it includes software that provides for various functions. The need for professional expense management support is critical for larger enterprises committed to a healthy and scalable managed mobility services program. 

4. Decentralized Companies With Various Locations

Larger companies tend to have many locations throughout the United States or even the world. It’s the need to coordinate and centralize the management of the telecom spend in the aggregate that makes partnering with a TEM firm a good idea.

  • Multiple Locations: Large organizations with multiple locations will benefit tremendously from strong centralized management. 
  • TEM Technology Platform: TEM firm will provide the TEM platform to effectively house and work with all asset and billing data.  
  • Network Transparency: Visibility of all TEM network assets and billing information provided via strong dashboard and reporting capabilities.

5. Technology and Scale Focus Organizations

Companies focused on innovative technology and scaling in 2022 and beyond strongly benefit from partnering with a TEM, especially in light of the current  worker shortage.

  • Technology: A competent TEM partner can bring the robust TEM technology platform needed to effectively manage the full TEM lifecycle. 
  • Subject-Matter-Expertise: A competent TEM partner will have the requisite subject-matter-expertise across technology silos needed to scale a TEM program going forward. (Trying to address these needs via in-house hiring alone is difficult, if not impossible in today’s global landscape.) 
  • Scale Capability: Organizations prioritizing strong technology and aggressive proactive management benefit from the synergies generated via partnership with a competent TEM.  

Organizations keen to stay on the forefront of technological change are smart to do so. For additional information on current trends in this regard, see Gartner’s Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022. 

TEM Services in 2022 and Beyond

Your TEM partner will have the TEM platform and subject-matter-expertise needed to create the right systems / processes, reporting and overall program accountability that strong internal enterprise expense management teams are seeking now and in the future. (Your internal team will benefit from the bolstering of technological capabilities and expertise that a TEM will confer to your overall TEM program.) 

As often noted, the strongest enterprise expense management programs possess both a strong internal expense management team, along with a strong third-party TEM provider to be most effective in today’s world.  

If you’d like to consider Tellennium in your  TEM services and vendor comparisons, reach out to us to schedule a brief demo of our solution.

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