Why Telecom Expense Management matters for healthcare systems

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Healthcare providers across the nation are feeling increased pressure of new government regulations, pandemics, and insurance policies that leave leaders looking for ways to stay afloat yet provide a better patient experience while reducing overhead.  Providing quality healthcare with current economic constraints is the challenge of every healthcare provider. Therefore, finding ways to manage, control, and reduce overhead expenses can truly be lifesaving to the organization and their patients.

During these challenging times, Tellennium has created a risk-free option with guaranteed ROI and zero out of pocket expense.

Reducing telecom expense

Complex telecom charges waste both time and money. Many invoices contain hidden errors, unused services and unnecessary charges. Dealing with carriers is also labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Tellennium on average helps organizations reduce telecom expenses by 28 percent, and increases visibility, productivity, and efficiency – including accounts payable functions. Typical payback is quick – ranging from 3 to 6 months.

The Article “How to Gain Double Digit Telecom Cost Recovery and Mobile Optimization in 100 Days” outlines some practical steps to take to realize savings.


In a healthcare system with thousands of devices and circuits, it is a struggle for IT to manage the networks and keep them running. Without a telecom expense management (TEM) partner in place, it is virtually impossible.

Accurately coding telecom charges through Most accounts payable personnel do not understand the charges they must code. TEM firms like Tellennium automates these processes and has experienced personnel in the field to have them actively coded – and monitor for discrepancies in charges.

A healthcare system that moves from receiving invoices from paper PDFS and web portals to all services, devices, circuits and charges into a database allows the organization to mine and create reports. Without this ability, the organization cannot contain costs and find areas to improve. Bringing all these services into a database can only be accomplished by engaging a TEM provider.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

One would be hard pressed to find an industry with more merger, acquisition and divestiture activity than healthcare systems. Public verse private medical centers, shrinking rural communities, telehealth, retail and immediate care centers are all combining as opportunity arises. This naturally creates a lot of work when a company comes together or separates. Many do not realize the transition hurdles just within telecom. Often, mishandled transference of services results in invoices that go missing and services get cut off – which affects operations and credit ratings.

A TEM provider that has accurate inventory detail and visibility in a database gives the visibility, productivity, and efficiency to move the enterprise ahead.

For further details on how Tellennium has assisted other Healthcare companies, check out these case studies.


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