Why Tellennium?

There’s a Reason Why Tellennium Continues to Have Such Tremendous Growth

Well run enterprises and business analysts, such as Gartner and others, recognize the proven value of expense management. And whether you are new to expense management or looking for a better platform and experience, Tellennium is the benchmark of our industry.

Tellennium Team

Here’s What You Get as a Tellennium Customer

You can expect to have a great experience. In fact, we’ve retained 98% of our customers since we were founded because they recognize the value of the Tellennium experience.  

Here are some specifics of what working with us looks like.

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  • Accurate details with a highly capable – easy to use interface
  • Automated and user configurable push reporting
  • Support for multiple expenses and assets such as network services, mobility, utilities, waste, licensing, equipment, etc
  • There’s a new release every month, adding even greater capabilities and functionality
  • We’re focused on our single platform for all R&D
  • Recognized as the Hottest IT Solution in 2021 by AOTMP
  • See MoT® Platform Comparison here
  • All circuits and numbers are tested and verified
  • Inventory is based on the serving location, not the billing address
  • Access to all numbers, features, usage, speeds, devices, associated services and equipment
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  • Our highly experienced professional advisors work objectively with our customers
  • We’re focused on your best interests
  • If any commissions are received, 100% of it is passed onto our customer
  • Seasoned US-based teams assigned to your account – familiar with your requirements
  • IT and invoicing support professionals
  • MACD team available to help augment your staff on an as needed basis
  • US based company and employees
  • Regional support for global clients
  • We do not use offshore software developers
  • And you’ll work with a privately owned TEM partner who is focused on you

Top reasons companies leave their expense management providers:

These 4 issues are the ones we’ve heard most consistently from our clients who have left their previous providers.

They received inaccurate inventories or reports that lacked the necessary detail which hamstrung their decision-making. By contrast, Tellennium provides an accurate and detailed inventory so you can audit correctly, cost allocate, or optimize your services.

They weren’t getting the savings their previous TEM providers had promised. That’s why Tellennium relies on consultants to provide proactive optimization opportunities – not software alone. Our platform – Management of Things® (MoT®)– directly tracks savings so you can easily see exactly what you’ve saved you and how.

The platform was difficult to use and didn’t easily generate detailed reporting. Tellennium’s MoT platform is user friendly and quickly provides the information you need including financial reports and graphs showing real-time usage and invoice errors. And MoT can handle various expense types including telecom, mobility, utility, and waste.

The customer service team was offshore which resulted in inconsistent service and security concerns. Tellennium is committed to providing US-based support for our US-based customers, so you experience the strongest security and highest-quality service.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Profiles of Enterprises Who Switched

Company #1: Leading provider of healthcare diagnostic information services.

Why They Needed a Better Solution?

The Tellennium Difference 

Healthcare Diagnostics
Data Center

Company #2: Provider of cloud and data services to energy, financial service, government, technology, and many other sectors.

Why They Needed a Better Solution?

The Tellennium Difference 

Travel Services

Company #3: Nationwide, full-service travel center network.

Why They Needed a Better Solution?

The Tellennium Difference 

Healthcare Company

Company #4: Leading healthcare institution serving Texas.

Why They Needed a Better Solution?

The Tellennium Difference 

Cloud and Data Services

Company #5: Leading provider of materials engineering solutions to the semiconductor and display industries.

Why They Needed a Better Solution?

The Tellennium Difference 

What Our Clients Are Saying

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